4 Early steps for making a music video clip

Every day latest nigerian music , we certainly meet many video clips, from various genres of music and musicians who make them. Of course, the video clip is very familiar to us. Video clips, which are also commonly known as music videos (music videos, MV) are short films or videos that accompany the music, generally a song. Video clips are used for the purpose of promoting a song or recording album. So, is making video clips difficult? No. You can make it yourself. Do not believe? Let’s see easy tips on how to make the following video clips. Meanwhile, you can also check out the latest naija music videos.

1. Develop a concept

The important concept and the basic idea of making video clips. You can find ideas for videos that will create and develop the concept, what it will be like, what themes, and so on. Or you can also get ideas and concepts from other people who are more experienced and involved in the process of making this video clip.

2. Improve ideas

If you already have a concept, don’t limit other ideas that might still appear. For example, if you want to make a video clip with a vintage theme, you can conceptualize a couple of lovers in the garden, with ideas like circus shows or other sweeteners.

3. Search and determine the location

You have to know where is the right place to do the process of shooting your video clips. If your video has a mountainous atmosphere, maybe an area like Peak can be an option. If necessary, do a location survey first. There are several places that require permission to take pictures there, it’s good if you take care of everything

4. Make a storyboard (storyboard)

The storyboard is a sketch of a picture-picture of a video made to direct the video scene. If your music video wants to use cinematic or special visual effects, it’s good to put it in your storyboard as a reference. “Cut” every scene in your storyboard, so you know the beheading that will be done when shooting. Make it as efficient as possible and most importantly easy to understand.

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