Adding outbound links into the contents as references

Use of links to other websites as references not only to decorate our content. However, it also affects how Google views our website. Meanwhile, you can go to if you’re looking for a trusted, licensed, and reliable SEO consultant online.


The logic is like this:

Content that links to a trusted website means that the contents can also be trusted.
Putting links to other relevant websites means telling Google that the topic of our content is the same as them.
The reader is happy, the search engine is happy.

Unfortunately, there are rumors that often circulate that outbound links actually have a bad impact on us.

That’s the wrong opinion.

Even people in Google themselves, John Mueller, stated that outbound links are a positive ranking factor.

That’s it for the short info regarding the outbound links that we may share with you. Although this article is very simple, we do hope it helps you to know more about SEO and how to improve your site’s rank.

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