Crown logo and lumination of watches are essential

One of the tiny components of this watch is also worth noting. The crown or main screw is supposed to have a neatly carved logo. In addition to looking cooler, the crown can be the main indication if the watch is indeed one of the original luxury watches for men or replica items. It’s because until now, often counterfeiters don’t give too much attention to this component.

In addition, lumination itself is a vital feature that is now the main standard of good analog watches. This one feature alone has the advantage of providing sufficient lighting when the user is in a dark place. Good lumination can at least be produced from coating layers made from the green phosphorous material. Maybe this one feature is often forgotten even there are still most of the watch users who don’t really know about this feature. But, after all, for analog watches, a good phosphor layer can be very helpful for users at certain times.

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