Don’t Worry, This Security System You Will Get in Self Storage Units

When you decide to renovate the house or move to a new house, you usually need another house to put things in order to easily renovate the house. North Phoenix Self Storage can be one solution for storing your belongings. The concept is to rent empty rooms of various sizes so you don’t have to worry about having a lot of items.


By renting self-storage, it means you have to remotely control the items you leave. You might leave valuables so that you need facilities such as setting the room temperature and the best security so that your things aren’t stolen by others. There are various forms of security systems offered by the providers of self-storage services, as well as a matter that you must pay attention to when choosing a self-storage service. Here we provide security as what needs to be considered when choosing self-storage:

– Fence
Self-storage facilities are usually surrounded by a fence. Notice whether the fence is strong or not, easily climbed by strangers or not. Usually, to avoid people climbing, the top is given barbed wire so that it is not easily passed by others. Also, check whether the fence is easily broken or not.

– Ease of access
Some self-storage facilities use cards or enter codes to open storage doors. You must be aware that it is easily duplicated. Note how long the door opens until visitors can enter storage. If it’s too long, the intruder can enter easily. Don’t forget to check the door alarm if someone forcibly opens the door. Because you can just put valuables in self-storage and it’s an obligation to check the security system before deciding to put it there.

– Lighting in storage
Make sure the lights are bright enough to enter the self-storage area until they reach your own storage. If it’s too dim, it will make it easier for the intruder to enter and take advantage of the opportunity to steal items inside.

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