Giving a present to your child carefully

One method of disciplining children that many experts recommend is the method of giving prizes and punishments (reward and punishment). However, it is undeniable also when this method is still difficult to implement by many parents. Concern that discipline will be difficult if there is a gift or even spoils and materialistic children, usually still haunts some parents. Another concern is if discipline does not materialize if there is no prize waiting. Apart from that, if you need an excellent and quick recommendation for the present for your child, perhaps the piano music box can be a very good choice. It’s cute, memorable, unique, and also affordable for most parents.

The above concerns cannot be blamed, our education culture that identifies discipline with military methods does make us often misinterpret the intentions and try to understand the benefits and goals of the discipline itself.

So, can discipline and gift giving go hand in hand?

Between Discipline and Gifts

Take a look at the list of activities that Parents made for the Little One as a way to discipline them. If you are willing to be more careful, there is actually a gap for Parents to keep giving gifts to your child; that is when they are willing to do something voluntarily.

Through the process of growing into adulthood is not easy for everyone; as well as children. Isn’t it still clearly reflected in the memory of how hard our process of becoming adults?

So when our children behave well why do we, as parents, not try to give awards? Of course, the award must be sincere, without prejudice that an award or gift will make them spoiled. This is necessary, so the child understands that following your orders, advice, and guidance is a good and beneficial thing, so it’d be easier for you to communicate and raise that child in the future.

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