Guidelines for Participating Ayahuasca Retreat

If you have a plan to get the quote on, ask yourself first if you already know what ayahuasca is, how it works, and why it’s different from most treatments in the world. Well, the healing you can get when taking ayahuasca retreat is based on plant medicine of the traditional Amazonian shamanic. Choosing such this treatment means you should know what to do and to avoid. Simply talk, during Ayahuasca consumption, there may not be any substance, including medical pills, enter your body.

When spending your time for ayahuasca retreat, you may not take herbs and supplements like Ginseng, Kava, Yohimbe, Ephedra, St. Johns Wort, and Sinicuichi. Sure, it’s important to underline and understand that letting ayahuasca mixed with other substances even the herbs can lead you to get the serious effects. Also, patients with serious health conditions that have medical treatment dependency aren’t the right person to participate in this healing option.

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