The Importance of Getting Stress Counseling

If you can get the stress counseling in the workplace, then you can consider finding the professional that providing stress counseling around Vejlby-Risskov. Stress is a negative condition, which leads to the emergence of physical or mental illness that leads to abnormal behavior. Stress can drain people’s health and strength. Signs of excessive burden are irritability, physical and mental fatigue, lack of firmness, loss of objectivity, tendency to do wrong, oversight in memory and tense interpersonal relationships. When a person experiences stress, some responses will appear as a result of the stress. The intended response is divided into 3 namely emotional response, physiological response, and behavioral response.

In a company it is necessary to establish an agency or institution that specifically deals with the counseling field, in this case, it could be an insider who received training or based on experience to become a counselor. The role of the counselor, in this case, is to listen, shape their thinking process and help them to run it.

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