The tips for manners when you’re visiting the Arab country

Although the UAE is one of the countries in the modern Middle East, in matters of manners the people are still very conservative. Breaking local norms can get less pleasant treatment. So, before vacationing in the UAE make sure to pay attention to the following. Meanwhile, you may visit to find a good Arabic course online.

1. How to Dress

The view of the UAE community about clothing is very conservative. This is a result of the thick culture of the Middle East and Islam there. It is highly recommended to wear closed clothing while visiting the UAE. Swimwear can only be used on the beach or in the pool.

2. Physical Contact

Avoid physical contact with the opposite sex, even if it’s only shaking hands. This is strictly prohibited in the UAE, especially in Dubai. Personal experience or contact can only be done with people who have the same sex as us.

3. Ethics

Getting drunk in a public place and driving in a drunken state can bring us to jail. Making out in public can be considered a brash behavior. So as much as possible avoid these things while in Dubai.

4. Photo Ethics

Be sure not to take photos of local residents without permission. Moreover, those who are photographed are the opposite sex. This will be considered harassing. Also, make sure you don’t take photos of buildings in government and military areas.

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