This Is The Importance Of Polite Behavior When Refusing A Job That Is Not In Accordance With You

Applying for a job is now one of the things that many people fear because it is difficult to get the job they want. but because there are now many portals looking for work that you can see online, it will be very easy for you. An example is

However, when you have to be forced to refuse a job call, it will be very appropriate if you reject it politely and wisely. Before applying, make sure you have seen the profile of the company that you will apply carefully. Do not let you reject an interview call from company A just for trivial reasons such as “Sorry, the location of the company is too far from my house”, “I’m sorry I just read about working hours that demanded shift”, etc.

Make sure that you have the right reasons and are very polite and wise to reject job calls that don’t suit you.

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