Understand How Search Engines Work Here

At present, using the internet as a marketing tool for a website or a business that is owned by someone is indeed wrong in a very good way because it will produce maximum results. So, SEO is the best way that can be used. In SEO, you can put your website on the first page of Google. SEO services are also getting more and more now, one that you can use is seo nyc. With the right service, the results you will get will also be appropriate.

An SEO will certainly affect the final search engine results. Unfortunately, there are still many people who do not know exactly how the search engine works. So, it’s good for you to understand in advance how the search engine works.

The main task of a Search Engine is to display search results that are most relevant to the query or keyword that is searched by the user. Well, to get the results that the user wants, the search results must be relevant to the keywords that the user is looking for. The challenge is, how can the Search Engine assess “relevance”? How do search engines that are actually just a “machine” can determine “relevance” that is subjective?

Imagine, of the many websites in the world that contain “shoes”, how can this machine determine which one website is more relevant than the other so that one then goes to the first page while the other website actually enters the second page? Usually, search engines will determine which websites will be displayed based on these parameters.

1. Link: How many links point to your website? How relevant is the link?

2. Content: Does your website have content that is relevant to the query that is searched? Is the content a lot or a little? Is the content all duplicate?

3. Web Structure: Is the structure of your website easy to crawl by Google? Has the structure of your website been sorted according to the most appropriate category? Are many dead links on your website?

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